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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Olson Kundig

  • Dowbuilt

  • Team: Ozana Gherman, Nico Koppe

    Built Installation

    What if you were swallowed by a whale?

    Through a fully immersive sensory installation, Between Baleen (Buh┬Ěleen) explores the humbling scale of ocean life, paying respect to the greater ecosystem of our local waters. Within a lightweight skeletal bamboo structure hangs a dense screen of rope and extruded film. Utilizing cork line collected from local fishing industry partners along with repurposed semi-transparent polymer tubes, the screen simulates the fibers of whale baleen, a filter-feeding system inside the mouths of baleen whales. Suspended in space on the cork line, cork buoys are reminiscent of the krill, plankton, and fish that become entangled in the baleen.

    As visitors themselves circulate through the screen, they feel the weight of the hung rope, as if engulfed in the mouth of the whale. Upon reaching the core of the installation, the screen transitions to hung extruded film made from recycled fishing rope polymers, providing a moment of relief through the lightness of materiality. In collaboration with Net Your Problem and the Polymer Materials Engineering program at Western Washington University, who have aided in the procurement of the cork line and the extruded film, Between Baleen presents a unique opportunity to immerse the visitor in ocean life local to our region and to highlight the efforts of organizations that recycle and repurpose ocean plastics in partnership with the fishing industry.

    The recycled materials used in this installation will be further repurposed, allowing Between Baleen to achieve a zero-footprint impact.


    This team is prioritizing the use of materials that can be donated to Festival partners.