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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Rachel Keith - Bellevue College, Interior Design

  • Built Installation

    What might be possible with a small plastic bottle?

    Big Orange Whale & The Whale Box invites thoughtful contemplation about the issue of the preeminent need to get massive amounts of polypropylene prescription vials out of the trash and into a dedicated single-source recycling stream. The progressive city of Seattle could become a model for other programs like it throughout the country or the world. A site-specific interactive (online) art installation could be another reason people visit, study, or work in Seattle. It’s a thought-provoking concept that requires near-endless collaboration between people, artists, the city, healthcare, large corporations, facilitators, designers, and innovators. What if it works!!!

    What if a 3rd-grade class gets to design art, especially for a Whale Box in their district, then take a field trip to the art site, forevermore changing their perception of what might be possible in a small plastic bottle?

    What if a senior care center made an art day & field trip to see their art displayed on a permanent site, leaving a message of endurance?

    What if Sister Cities collaborate across the world to engage in creating similar concepts for polypropylene recycling?

    The concept of small drawings that anyone is capable of, collectively becoming something bigger that can be seen, utilized, and become a proponent for great change is a concept that invites engaging discussion and inherent collaboration on many platforms.


    This team is partnering with a community organization that will take ownership of all or part of the installation after the Festival.

    This experience was awarded funding by the 2024 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment to Festival goals.