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12:00PM - 1:00PM
Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Anomali by Design

  • Team: Justin Dauer

    Block Party Mainstage

    What is design, if not ‘connection’ made manifest?

    Given the state of the world over the past few years, with designers navigating the global pandemic, mass layoffs, hybrid / remote work, and a struggling economy, connection is at is apex of relevance. The connection of us to one another, us to our work, and our work to those who engage with it. Be it a concert venue poster, a website, or an app icon, design is solving the problem of engaging people—agnostic of their circumstances—to connect and convey an experience.

    When we’re in touch with our values, focus on craft evolution over tool loyalty, and create in an environment of support and inclusion: ‘connection’ is the result. Via the power of storytelling with actionable methods, Justin Dauer will show us how to get there.


    This presentation will also restream in our Virtual Mainstage Broadcast. Be sure to subscribe to the SDF YouTube channel for updates and the premiere on August 20 and 21!