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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Gensler

  • Team: Janelle Abbott, CRĒO Industrial Arts, Bianca Dyke, Justin Heu, Nicole Li, Simba Mafundikwa, Carolina Montilla, Kayla Quilantang, Krista Reeder, Eduardo Velasquez, Franci Virgili

    Built Installation

    “Loom to Bloom” invites you to bring your old and unwanted clothing and join us in this collaborative exploration!

    We’re challenging our relationship to architecture in order to provoke new ideas of sustainability. Become part of this collaborative exploration by weaving discarded fabric at “Loom to Bloom” — an interactive pavilion at the Seattle Design Festival 2024. Save your old and unwanted clothing or home fabrics and bring them with you during the Block Party for a communal project led by Gensler and zero-waste fashion designer and artist Janelle Abbott. Fabrics can be old, discolored, or ripped, and of any size and material, but must be clean.

    The architectural structure of our pavilion serves as a loom where discarded fabrics will be woven into intricate tapestries by festival attendees. After a piece of the loom is finished, the tapestry will then be removed and can be taken home along with a zine of sewing patterns, extending the Festival’s impact.

    After the event, the pavilion’s structure will be donated to a neighborhood P-Patch, where it will serve its next life as a shelter and trellis. As a place for planting, growing, and relaxing, the pavilion will become part of the community garden itself. Our goal with “Loom to Bloom” is for participants to walk away with more questions than answers. Questions that open our collective minds to new possibilities. What if…

    Presented in partnership with Janelle Abbott and CRĒO Industrial Arts


    The Pavilion will be donated to a neighborhood P-Patch, which will serve as a shelter and trellis for the local gardening community.