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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

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  • Team: Lindsey Heller, Cuiling Chen, Eli Winckler, Maria Gaviola, Ayden Nakamura, Team Chill Out – Montlake High School’s First Robotics Competition Team 1778

    Built Installation

    Take a break from the heat and experience how we combined futuristic technology, ancient building practices, and a modern design aesthetic to create a new vision for outdoor spaces of the future!

    THERMAL BREAK – Thermal Break is an architectural term that refers to a construction material that is strategically placed to interrupt the path of heat flow and reduce the flow of thermal energy. What if innovative thinking and materials in the built environment could be used to address climate change from many angles at one time, while actively providing relief from the consequences of climate change too.

    What IF – What if we want to innovate now. Thermal Break is using cutting edge robotics to eliminate waste through fabrication and is integrating passive cooling into the built environment in new ways.

    What IF – Our exhibit encourages new Relationships within the Design Community? – Thermal Break is presented by a diverse team of volunteers with the “What If” Mindset led by Team Chill Out, the Montlake High School’s First Robotics Team, a professional landscape architecture firm and a robotics company willing to give us access to cutting edge technology.

    What IF – Designers had more freedom to use new technology to solve problems? Thermal Break combines many aspects of design by integrating traditional passive cooling techniques, a futuristic design aesthetic, and innovative technology into the built environment for a unique space to Chill Out while you are attending the festival.

    What If – We could use technology to fabricate and construct forms using less waste? Thermal Break combines new, greener materials with recycled content to address sustainability. Passive cooling techniques would require no energy and are instead designed into the forms.


    This team is committing to reusing materials from this experience in their own future work.