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Best of the Fest!

Not sure what to propose for the 2020 Seattle Design Festival? 

Here are some examples of effective program formats we’ve featured in previous years. This is by no means an exhaustive list of things that have worked — it’s merely a sampling.

Block Party

The best installations continue to engage and make an impact beyond the Festival. These installations are informed by the communities that inspire them, and often are the result of robust collaboration. The teams that develop these installation think through the entire visitor experience.

SDF2017_Block-Party_Mighty-House_Trevor-DykstraMighty House

2019 SDF Block Party - Free Store Freecycle and The Free Store

2019 Seattle Design Festival Block Party Influence

Design Block Party 2014Wover

SDF2018_Block PartyWeMeograph

Neighborhood Spotlights and City Experiences

An event doesn’t have to be a talk. It can be an opening, an exhibit, or an experience. Often, the most successful experiences allow people to connect, reflect, and make personal connections to their larger community. The best experiences create a space for participants to share their experiences.

2018 Design Town Hall x Africatown Imagine Africatown

AIGA_StudioSC_KingStreetStation Design Marks

SDF 2016 Map the Square Map the Square

SDF 2017 Recharge the Battery-Greg Shaw Battery Street Walk

More information on the Call for Proposal page.