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    Seattle Design Festival (SDF) is a platform for bold design conversations. We believe that design is for everyone and that inclusive co-design practices are essential to shaping an equitable Seattle. We collaborate with diverse communities, architects, designers, civic and business leaders, nonprofits, artists and activists to generate solutions to complex social, cultural and ecological challenges that affect all of us. Sponsor the Seattle Design Festival and align your business with our region’s largest multidisciplinary design event attracting design professionals, business innovators, students, and enthusiasts.

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  • Why Sponsor SDF?

    Boost Your Visibility
    Your organization profile will be boosted with a diverse spectrum of members of the public, designers, creatives, and enthusiasts through high engagement channels and spaces, including web, print, social media, and Festival events and celebrations.

    Demonstrate Your Values
    Supporting the Festival shows your employees, customers, clients, and partners that your organization believes that design is for everyone and that inclusive co-design practices are essential to shaping an equitable Seattle.

    Show Care for Your Community
    Sponsorship support provides funding to keep the Festival accessible and 99% free to the public. Your support empowers underserved communities to leverage design and get actively involved in the design process.

    Keep the Festival FREE
    We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and your proposal fee supports our commitment to successfully promote and sustain the Festival and ensures it is free and/or affordable to everyone.

    Invest in Your Team
    – Leadership Opportunities
    – Team Building + Connection Professional Development
    – Remove Design Constraints
    – Spark Imaginative Thinking

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    Payment is required for sponsorship recognition. Decisions related to program content rest with Seattle Design Festival. Benefits are subject to change. Seattle Design Festival reserves the right to accept or reject partnership with any sponsor by decision of the Seattle Design Festival Board of Directors. Seattle Design Festival does not solely or by virtue of its partnership with its sponsors, endorse or support the opinions, platforms, products, work, or missions of sponsors. In the event Seattle Design Festival determines that partnership with any sponsor is no longer mutually beneficial, it reserves the right to terminate that partnership immediately and without cause.