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  • Sponsorship

    Seattle Design Festival explores and celebrates all the ways that design can make life better for everyone. We nurture relationships among designers, community members, educators, artists, activists, civic leaders, and business innovators. Your participation catalyzes change by promoting equitable co-design principles that inform and inspire the places we all want to live. Pledge your company’s support to the festival today and you’ll be in auspicious company. Many of the region’s top firms support the Festival, and your future business opportunity is waiting for you. Please review this year’s sponsor prospectus. If you’re ready to make your commitment, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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  • The Case for Giving

    Mission Alignment

    The Seattle Design Festival is the region’s largest public design event, bringing together community members, design experts, and city leaders to celebrate and explore all the ways design improves the quality of our lives. Our sponsors contributions have allowed us to develop opportunities for funding support, including providing individual stipends and identifying strategic partnerships with Festival partners who engage youth in the design process. We engage under-invested communities and empower them to leverage design knowing that this work will lead toward a culture that fosters equity and resilience, allowing all to thrive.

    It’s an Investment in Your Own Business

    Demonstrate the relevance of your organization’s work to a large public audience while also opening doors to the greater design community. Mission-alignment and marketing opportunities aside, you’ll network with other firms and vendors and establish your credibility in front of your next customers.

    It’s an Investment in Your Staff

    Let your team showcase their creativity unencumbered by the confines of a client contract. Your sponsorship includes a waived submission fee. Encourage your colleagues to create an installation or program for the festival and show Washington what your firm can do with great design, and why it matters. It’s the ultimate teambuilding exercise – establishing trust, mitigating conflict, encouraging communication, and increasing collaboration. Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and for boosting your bottom line.

    It’s an Investment in the Ecosystem

    Inspiration for the next generation of designers will come from the power of what you present. And through our mission, we’re deliberately paving the way for underrepresented communities to participate. Increasing representation in the field only serves to give a better understanding of the breadth of real-world problems that design can solve. The more perspectives we have in the industry the better, because we will be more equipped to solve a broader range of challenges and solve them more effectively.

    The Festival is Popular

    Before the pandemic, the Festival had grown to attracting more than 100 programs and installations, and it welcomed over 30,000 attendees. Even within the confines of social distancing and virtual programming, last year’s two-day Block Party welcomed 7,000+ documented attendees. This year, we anticipate a marketing reach of more than 20 million impressions. Contact us today to learn how to get the most out of your sponsorship.


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    Payment is required for sponsorship recognition. Decisions related to program content rest with Seattle Design Festival. Benefits are subject to change. Seattle Design Festival reserves the right to accept or reject partnership with any sponsor by decision of the Seattle Design Festival Board of Directors. Seattle Design Festival does not solely or by virtue of its partnership with its sponsors, endorse or support the opinions, platforms, products, work, or missions of sponsors. In the event Seattle Design Festival determines that partnership with any sponsor is no longer mutually beneficial, it reserves the right to terminate that partnership immediately and without cause.