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Best of the virtual Fest!

Not sure what to propose for the 2020 Seattle Design Festival?

2020 marks the first time that the Seattle Design Festival has gone virtual. As such, we are looking to the work of other institutions, organizations, and individuals who can offer examples of how to leverage the digital landscape to engage SDF festival goers, properly celebrate the resiliency of design, and empower our communities.

Here are some examples of programs that have caught our eye. This is by no means an exhaustive list of things would work for the Festival — it’s merely a sampling.


Partner Programs

An event doesn’t have to be a lecture style webinar. It can be a skill share, an online gallery, or a culmination of small community created designs. Often, the most successful experiences allow people to connect, reflect, and make personal connections to their larger community. The best experiences create a space for participants to share their experiences.

Velorose Gallery: “Windows on the World: A (Re)presentation of People Power”

Giant Dolls House Project: Alone Together

Compass Online Scavenger Hunts

Seattle Opera Costume Design Presentation

Be Yourself | Big Think

Maker Video Tutorials

CityLab ‘Life Under Lockdown’

Open Spaces Closed for Business: Parks and the Pandemic


Community Spotlights

These creative displays throughout the community are meant to engage your neighbors and make an impact beyond the Festival. These installations are informed by the communities that inspire them, and ideally would be the result of robust collaboration. Consider how to create and share a meaningful experience remotely.

SF Window Art

Murals for Jade Garden

Viral Art Project


Cooped-Up: Drive-in Dances for Cooped Up People, a contemporary dance performance by local company LanDforms

Tensegrity Sculptures and Furniture

Benjamin Shine fabric sculpture

Andres Amador’s Earthscapes

Sidewalk Adventures


More information on the Call for Proposal page.