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When Seattle Shakes

Seattle’s historic structures, among them many unreinforced masonry buildings, are at risk not only from the numerous seismic faults in the Pacific Northwest, but also from economic factors. Many at-risk buildings continue to have vibrant life in Seattle communities, but have found it challenging to retrofit for earthquake safety.

It will take technology, expertise, policy, and social impetus for Seattle to preserve its multi-faceted urban fabric while championing public safety. How do we integrate new technology and old structures in one architectural vision? How can we remove obstacles to building owners and support awareness of seismic safety?

When Seattle Shakes explores how to align the goals of historic preservation and resilient design by understanding the most effective ways of protecting a city’s historic building stock against earthquakes.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions and social distancing practices, When Seattle Shakes will be our first exhibit that will be designed to be viewed online via our exhibition website.

This exhibit was developed with both professionals and the public in mind. The website includes a wide range of resources. From disaster preparedness trainings for architects to a how-to guide for creating your own disaster preparedness safety kit. We hope that the exhibit information impacts our audience and gives them the tools to be more prepared in the face of a natural disaster.

Exhibit website link


Exhibit Programs: 
Why Seattle Shakes | February 11, 6 – 7pm PT | Presented by Seattle Architectural Foundation

When Seattle Shakes Curator Talks | February 17 & March 11, 6 – 8pm PT

Unreinforced Masonry: Connecting | Preparing | Preserving | April 28, 5:30 – 7pm PT | Presented by Seattle Architectural Foundation


The exhibit will be displayed online February 4 – July 17, 2021



Special Thanks to our When Seattle Shakes Exhibit Sponsors:

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