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  • August 15-23, 2020
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Environmental Works Community Design Center

  • Board & Vellum

  • Team: Gretchen Claire, Shannon Carrico, Leslie Batten, Chris Parker

    COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter are highlighting the inequity that has persisted in our city for centuries. It’s about time for architects to consider how our profession has been complicit in this, and how we can work to support creation of an equitable built environment.

    For nearly 50 years, nonprofit architecture firm and community design center Environmental Works has been located in historic Fire Station 7 on 15th Avenue East on Capitol Hill. Architecture firm Board & Vellum also calls 15th home. 15th Avenue East’s Past, Present, and Future will present visual displays of the history and present of this mixed-use neighborhood, and ideas for its future developed in a series of recent community visioning workshops. In 2018, Environmental Works and Board & Vellum co-facilitated a series of collaborative workshops with community members and UW students to collect their ideas for the future of 15th. Environmental Works will post displays of photos, text, and renderings honoring the past and present of 15th Avenue East. Board & Vellum will display findings from the 2018 community workshops imagining 15th’s future as grounded in collective ideation. More information and images are available on the Environmental Works website here.

    The displays will be in the windows on both floors of Environmental Works’s two-story building, historic Fire Station 7, on 15th Ave. E. on Capitol Hill; around trees in the planting strip on E. Harrison St. just east of 15th; and in Board & Vellum’s storefront windows on 15th.

    Addresses: 400 and 402 15th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112 (Environmental Works); 115 15th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112 (Board & Vellum)

    All displays will be viewed from the street at ground level, and do not require steps to access. The Board & Vellum displays will be in storefront windows on 15th Ave. E., adjacent to and visible from a smooth sidewalk. The Environmental Works displays will be in windows on the ground level and second floor of our building, and around trees to the south of the building. They will be visible from the sidewalk in front of the building and south of the building, which can be approached via multiple curb cuts; and from the public plaza between the sidewalk and the building, also flat and with a wide approach. All display visuals will also be accessible on our website.