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10:00AM - 5:00PM
Pike Street Hill Climb (top of steps),
This event is free

As Seattle’s landscape shifts behind a curtain of construction scaffolding and cranes it is often hard to imagine the reality that will emerge on the other side. This piece creates a playful means of giving those walking through Seattle a small glimpse into their future and into their past. Reminding us to consider what will be left when the dust settles. The installation includes a series of binoculars will be placed across Downtown that when looked through either look forward or back.

The first of the series is on display in Westlake Park. The next will be in place on Western and Union by  Thursday, September 22nd.


Erica Bush
Darren Edwards

Erica Bush is a local urban designer. She currently works at the Downtown Seattle Association where her focus is on improving public spaces across Downtown. Originally from New York, Erica has a background in both art, public policy and urban planning. Still searching for an authentic slice in the greater Seattle area.

Darren Edwards is local freelancer specializing in film sets and props. Darren spent years in the construction industry in Las Vegas prior to returning to Seattle where he’s pursued his film career, arguably a more honorable endeavor.

Site and/or restrooms are *NOT* ADA / Wheelchair accessible.