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  • Reflecting on lessons from the natural world, we know that diversity equals strength. Act | React aims to illustrate the power that comes from the differences in our community. To achieve equality in our cities, we must recognize, support and elevate diversity. Each unique individual plays an integral role in our “ecology.” Balance is demonstrated through equipoise – contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements–which emphasizes the idea that balance does not necessarily mean equality, but rather fairness and equity.

    A dense grid of balloons, filling our 10’x10’ installation footprint, initially float at an equal 10’ high datum. Each balloon is connected to a partner with a length of string, which will travel below a ground plane mat intended to hide the web of connections between paired balloons. As a fully interactive and immersive installation, individuals will activate the piece by pulling up or down on a string, triggering the opposite reaction in the partner balloon and disrupting the original 10’ high datum. The piece will be in a constant state of change and movement, a reflection our human capacity to be flexible and adaptable, continually aiming to reach a state of equilibrium through the inevitable change that occurs in our world.