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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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Presented by:

  • B+H Architects

  • The B+H Seattle Studio is the firm’s Centre for Advance Strategy. Advance Strategy services provide the tools for us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ current challenges, therefore equipping us with the data we need to solve for their desired future outcomes.

    For the 2019 Seattle Design Festival, the city of Seattle is our client – and their desired balance of societal values is the research topic at hand.

    The B+H installation will be one based on gathering data, compiling the results and generating a findings report (via social media) that documents the balance Seattle’s current population needs most.

    The analog element of the installation will be an interactive spectrum of values, which will act as a backdrop for photo documentation. The spectrum will be comprised of five societal values (affordable housing, public transit, education, green space, arts and culture).

    We will ask all participants to rank the values by sliding the five representative bars to reveal the color spectrum beyond, indicating what they think the city of Seattle should prioritize most.

    Once they’ve ranked their values, we will ask all participants to pose for a picture. A photo of each participant will be taken from a common vantage point.

    The digital element of the installation will begin with the images being uploaded to an adjacent screen that will flip through all of the participants’ contributions. The photos will act as a stop motion animation where we can begin to see faces and values of the participants.

    The final output will be a visual report posted to social media where the attendees and the city of Seattle can see the desired balance to be struck amongst these values by those who participated in the 2019 Seattle Design Festival.