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Presented by:

  • VIA Architecture

  • Team: Justin Panganiban, Doug Sharpe, Trevor Mauro,Victoria Kovacs, Solaja Ratcliffe, Isaura Perez

    In times of chaos and uncertainty, regenerative healing is deeply inherent to both the natural world and the human heart. When faced with disruptions to ecosystems, life cycles, and habitats, nature’s response is to regrow and rebuild. In a season of pain and frustration, people find hope within their households, communities, and the world at large. Our installation BEECON/BEACON signals that neighborhood streets are places of regeneration. We are at unique, rapid moment of transition as a result of the Stay Healthy Streets program, which closed 20 miles of streets to car traffic and opened them up for walking, running, biking, and playing. We envision a future where streets — which have prioritized cars — can instead be in service of ecological and human mending, resilient over time in the face of unpredictable obstacles. Our installation acts as a pollinator-friendly gateway, with modules that can be replicated in other neighborhoods to create markers into Stay Healthy Streets that invite people and cars alike to slow down. In slowing down, we hope to provide an opportunity for people to see that in time, healing and regrowth are possible both in our natural systems, and with the human spirit.

    This installation will be open August 15, 8am-8pm and August 16, 8am-5pm

    The Installation is on stay healthy streets, now a series of roads meant for pedestrian and cyclist use. All features in the installation are on ground level.