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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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  • ScharrerAD

  • Greenbusch Group

  • What does it mean for our earth to be in, or out, of balance? What are the forces that act upon our ecosystem causing the balance to continually shift? “Big Blue: in/out of Balance” will be an interactive installation that recreates and explores the ways that various “actors” cause the earth to move in and out of (and through) the state of stasis.

    The earth will be represented in a sculptural form, and it will be acted upon by the addition, or subtraction, of a variety of forces or actors. Interacting with this installation will provoke the viewer and participants to consider what we can do, and what is out of our control, in our efforts to help balance our planet’s ecosystem. What can we add? What can we remove? What can we do without?

    Forces acting upon the planet form will be both user generated and provided within the installation for users to use and consider. The element of time as an additional force/actor that is out of our human hands adds complexity to the question posed: what is balance when it comes to our earth, exactly?