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Presented by:

  • First Lamp

  • Convene Community-Driven Placemaking

  • Allied8 Architects

  • Nakano Associates

  • Columbia City Connections will feature several interactive tables of different scales highlighting design from small arts and graphic design projects up to site scale through to neighborhood planning!

    Enjoy Live Music and interactive art at Ferdinand and Rainier

    • Beatwalk presents Prime Time featuring Bryant Moore, Jeremy Joes and Josh Rawlings at Ferdinand and Rainier from 4-6 pm.

    • Beatwalk presents The Backline featuring Roc Phizzle at Ferdinand and Rainier from 6-8 pm.

    • Preview a presentation of the current Ferdinand Festival Street proposal at Ferdinand and Rainier.

    Visit Gateway Plaza Park for more music and interactive art

    • Jazz Night School will be performing a number of sets at the Gateway Plaza from 4-8 pm.
    • What if Columbia City had a flag? Join First Lamp Architecture in an interactive Columbia City flag design contest for all ages.

    • How do you connect to our city’s diversity? Allied8 will have an interactive display to map your own personal heritage, to understand it within our city’s census data and with an underlying focus on homeownership – one of the best tools we have to work toward collective prosperity.

    • The Rainier Valley Historical Society will be on hand to give out pamphlets of their Columbia City Walking Tour.

    Visit Columbia City Pop up Art Gallery for the current exhibit, Mt. Analogue.

    Design Team: Taylor Callaway and Kevin Witt with First Lamp Architects, Eric Higbee with Convene Community-Driven Placemaking, Barbara Busetti, Leah Matin, Stefan Schwarzkopf, Hannah Kramer with Allied8 & Architects, Ida Ottenson and Elizabeth Baskerville with Nakano Associates, and Tommy Gregory