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  • October 19 -21, 2020
This event is free

How can our design and planning processes help create great places while repairing harm and building community?

If you are an architect or designer caring or curious about community engagement, we hope you will join us October 19–21 for Establishing Meaningful Relationships with Communities You Serve. This multi-day continuing education forum will convene design professionals, citizen advocates, community partners, and government representatives in a discussion about the benefits of community engagement, how to ensure that engagement is real and impactful, and how to make these processes a part of our standard practice. Build the knowledge, resources, and skill-sets to form more authentic relationships and coalitions with community, and create not only beautiful, functional and successful buildings and spaces, but also transform our profession from one that works for community to one that works with.

“Community engagement” is a term that can feel stale and evoke images of a checklist or antagonistic and transactional relationships. But what if it is approached as an opportunity to create stronger collective outcomes—driving better design and honoring the lived experience of the neighborhood and community? What if it helped repair past harm? What if it helped build community? Find the session topics, speaker list, full schedule and registration links via the more info button.

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Registration Deadline: Friday, October 16, 5:00pm PT.