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  • August 15-23
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Presented by:

  • Tracy Law

  • Time is a connection—connection between past, present, and future, connection between an individual and the other, connection between one generation and another. Through time, everything can happen and right now the world is pausing, yet time is still moving.

    Time is complicated. Each time frame has its own value and opportunity. It is a moment and one that provides experience.

    During this pandemic, we see a lot of different collections of time. Time where people enjoy being at home, time where people are frustrated staying home for months, time where a lot of people lose jobs, time where opportunities arise.

    Time and individuals are connected, yet we have lost the connection during this hard time. In the Seattle Design Festival 2020, ‘Connection in Time’ wants to bring everyone together in this virtual tour installation, which takes each individual to the abstractions of feelings that they are going through. You will be able to navigate through the spaces, recognize and accept different emotions you experience. In times like this, it is crucial that we are able to understand ourselves and empathize with others.

    ‘Connection in Time’ hopes you to interact with each other through the new technological design that allows you to engage freely—the future pods. This new architectural design introduces a potential solution for the problem surrounding social distancing.

    Through the spatial experience, we are hoping that you will connect with each other and with time again.

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    There will be an explanation about the installation and instructions on the screen to guide the visitor on engaging with the installation.