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10:00AM - 5:00PM
Occidental Park, 149 S Main St, Seattle WA 98104
This event is free
Family Focus

Presented by:" target="_blank">Ankrom Moisan

We inhabit two worlds – the physical infrastructure that surrounds us and the virtual platforms that engage us. CON[TEXT] aims to bring these worlds together through design.

The Instagrammer, the Texter, the Tweeter, the Snapchatter. All these people will be present at this year’s SDF Block Party. Let’s plan for this distraction and embrace it. We propose physical wayfinding that engages the social media user. The person using their cell phone as a portal to their virtual community has spatial and ergonomic needs that can be met IRL.

The Conversation Chair is one example of how design has adapted to evolving social and cultural expectations. This historic chair provided a degree of modesty for intimate conversations. Now that most intimate conversations happen digitally, face to face conversation is rare. The conversation chair of today will share a similar form, but provide for this physical barrier we have created through our immersion in technology. Each chair becomes a pod where no visual communication can be made. Here the conversation is fed through a virtual route of cell-towers, cables, and satellites.