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10:10AM - 5:00PM

Presented by:" target="_blank">Dinah Dimalanta

Prompted by the Seattle Design Festival’s theme, Design Change, Continua is a project that explores the idea of change through the visual experience of one color changing into another. The formal exercise represents the idea of a continuum where, in a sequence, the difference between extremes is clear while the difference between adjacent elements is imperceptible. Although the project doesn’t speak to specific examples of where change is happening or where change is needed in our local or global community, it does represent the idea that small, nuanced change can transform over time into big, unequivocal change. Titled Continua, the plural form of continuum, the project consists of the Continua website where each day of the Design Festival, from September 9th to the 23rd, a new continuum will be on view. Poster versions of each continuum will also become available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds donated to Design in Public. Visit, and revisit, the website here:

Dinah Dimalanta is a designer at the Seattle architecture firm BuildingWork and a board member of Design in Public.