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  • August 15-23
This event is free

Presented by:

  • IIDA NPC Seattle City Center

  • Visit the Created then, Here now, Envisioning for the future¬†website at any time during the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Whitney Valerio, Jessica Cody, Madi Thomas, Anna Spencer, Jocelyn Camacho, Merike Mighell, Michelle Northfield

    This event spotlights 10 landmarks in Seattle and surrounding areas from the past, present and future. We’ve selected one landmark per decade over the past 10 decades to help celebrate this year’s 10 year anniversary of SDF. Check out our virtual map on the IIDA NPC website to see all of the landmark locations and to learn more about each landmark’s inspiring history and design. Our goal is to introduce and educate the community about the rich history that exists in our neighborhoods, including how they have been shaped and continue to evolve. We encourage participants to visit the featured landmarks on this list and share with us how a given landmark has inspired them by submitting photos, sketches, poems, and other forms of creative medium. We will accept submissions on our IIDA NPC website or via our social media platforms using the hashtags #thennowfuture, IIDAxSDF, and #IIDANPC. By making a submission, you could win a print of the custom Seattle landmarks map created by local graphic artist, Erin Wallace.


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    This is event is meant to be an at your leisure in-person event or virtual event to better allow everyone access to be a part of it. There will be no formal presentation or print material other than sharing through our website and social media platforms.