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Presented by:

  • Integrus

  • Design Team: Andrew Thies, Alex Mischke, Bridgette Tinsley, Charlie Calvano, Chien-Yi Chu, Erik Peterson, Fangjie Guo, Hootan Ahranjani, Johnny Hong, Matthew Bissen, Matthew Sullivan, Patrick Donnelly, Peter Sydloski-Tesch, Randal Bennett, Saloni Rege, Sam Schafer, Sarah Pranoto, Theo Pinceloup, TJ Hoving, Toby Peterson, Yutaro Sakai, Zichen Tian

    Unravel the mystery of our conceal-and reveal world!

    Are you on a path of discovery and wonder? If yes, keep your inquisitiveness intact because we assure you that this time, curiosity won’t kill the cat! Believe that curiosity is a choice? Then foster it by exploring Cubular-Tubular with us. We invite you to an immersive setting that curates a sensory experience and encourages interactions.

    Cubular-Tubular is an interactive installation that generates curiosity at an interesting intersection of reality and illusion, echoing through the impression of swaying tubes and turning wheels. As if in a state of implied movement, the cube unveils itself in glimpses through varied peek-a-boo windows rendering observation with multiple viewpoints. And it doesn’t stop at that! The curious cube encapsulates you in delight with its dangling tubes, colorful strings and reflective surfaces that produce exciting projections.

    Through this interactive object of art, we aim to promote collaborative effort that fuels curiosity in a playful fashion. A completely biodegradable assembly – we’ve built it seriously so you can have fun with it! Because what even is curiosity that doesn’t lead to euphoria?