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Presented by:

  • Bassetti Architects

  • Design Team: Jewels Romero, Leah Wilcox, Stephanie Tung, Sage Kim, Deidrie Knowles, Jordyn Aden, James Moehring, Nate Hidalgo, Kyle Elliot, Dev Naik, Tegan Hill, Shanmathi Mageshwar

    Seattle is more than the sum of its ever-changing parts. From mountain to sound, the heart of the Emerald City lies within its responsiveness to the peaks and valleys.

    Through the varied lenses of experience, ambitions, and identity, “CurioCITY: A Vision of Seattle’s Future” invites festival goers to view Seattle through segmented telescopes of assorted sizes, allowing users to peer through to the city beyond. Prompting both outward analysis and thoughtful introspection, Seattleites are encouraged to be curious about the future of their city and posed with the question, “What’s next for Seattle?”

    A variety of mass and materiality allow each visitor to touch items from around the city, see their surroundings in a new light, and rearrange elements to bring their own vision to life. Each user brings their own perspective to the installation resulting in unique takeaways, innovative arrangements of found items, and a continually changing landscape for others to discover. Prompting visitors to interact with and explore the installation– foliage, found items, and visions of a sustainable future decorate the vertical structure.