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Presented by:

  • After Hours Design Collaborative

  • Design Team: Alyssa Sheeres, Peter Comeau

    D.I.T stands for Do It Together and is an interactive sculpture that brings people together to think about their desired neighborhood. 

    Via the suspended topographical map of Seattle, festivalgoers will plot their current residence by attaching one end of the string to the map. They are then prompted to pin the other end to a neighborhood they most enjoy in Seattle. The resulting catenary arch represents a bridge between reality and desire.

    We are curious about what qualities are desirable in a neighborhood, prompting a discussion on what can be incorporated into one’s own neighborhood to better reflect the desires of the community. This installation is a reflection of festival goers’ personal experiences, in addition to a variety of narratives that may not have a unified story, creating an unpredictable visual data installation. Through its interactive nature, the installation provides an engaging experience for festival attendees, sparking curiosity, conversations, and reflection on the significance of the data and its representation. We want to create a space that starts a conversation and encourages the public to think deeper about their own neighborhoods. What do they wish there was more of? Less of? Different? The same? We will be there, along with plaques, to pose these questions as people interact with the installation.


    This experience was awarded funding by the 2023 Festival Planning Team, for demonstrating alignment to Festival goals.