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6:00PM - 8:00PM
Beacon Food Forest, 16th Ave S and S Dakota St, Seattle WA
Family Focus

Presented by:

  • Beacon Food Forest

  • Tour Seattle’s innovative Beacon Food Forest, a project in permaculture design that uses nature-focused structures and collaborative community-designed methods. Participants will get to try out their collaborative design skills and dream up their ideal public space, designed for community and sustainability.

    The Beacon Food Forest was founded in 2009 when a group of permaculture students dreamed up the possibility of turning unused land beside Jefferson Park into an urban oasis growing shared food for the community. It seeks to build an ecologically restored habitat that sequesters carbon, produces food, connects people to nature and to each other, and provides Beacon Hill with a welcoming outdoor community space for all to share and gather. We educate each other and the community about healthy food, gardening, and permaculture techniques. By following permaculture principles, we strive to care for the people, care for the earth, and create a fair share for all. Four years after planting the first trees, our young forest has attracted visitors from all over the city and the world, and it is producing food for volunteers, neighbors, and everyone else who passes through.

    Site or restrooms are *NOT* ADA / Wheelchair accessible.