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  • GGLO design

  • Nature is brilliant at maintaining a balanced ecosystem. However, the introduction of artificial materials created by the built environment has interfered with nature’s ability remain balanced. It seems as though nature and artificial materials are constantly at odds, one trying to dominate the other. These extremes have had detrimental effects on our surroundings, but eventually a commonality can be found amongst the chaos. Our installation highlights a moment of equilibrium between the natural and artificial environments in our world. It is an example of the balance we should strive for in our communities by utilizing man-made materials to support nature.
    There are many man-made materials that have been a detriment to our planet which have thwarted nature‚Äôs urge to persevere. In contrast, there are also many man-made materials that can be crafted to enhance nature. Ultimately what comes through our rubble is the result of nature’s determination to survive. Organic matter tends to persevere despite our lack of foresight anyway, so why not lean into a mutually beneficial relationship?
    When we make the statement that nature will persevere we are saying this with an understanding that our effects on this planet are to the detriment of us and other animal life forms. It is in our best interest to reuse our man-made materials and think more holistically about their life-cycle. What can we do with tires after they are worn? What is the next step for the plastic bag, the straw, and the bottle? If these materials can be redesigned for other human-purposes or even be recreated as hosts for other forms of life on this planet we as humans can take a step closer to becoming more integrated with our surrounding natural ecosystems.
    Although this installation puts a heavy emphasis on balance, the inverse has also taken hold of our creative ambitions. Imbalance has been a common theme surrounding nature versus man. As humans, we are constantly trying to tip the scales in our favor by creating mechanisms that separate us from nature. Our primal reasoning for these creations was to ensure our survival. As technology became more advanced, our needs morphed into matters of convenience which has led to an overindulgence of the resources needed to keep our planet habitable. Whether it be a conscious effort or not, it is due time for us to acknowledge the detriment we have been to our planet.
    Green Peaks is a visual representation of balancing naturally occurring commodities with those manufactured and displaying how these resources can work together. The materials we have procured for the exterior of our shells are soft, organic, green. On the inside, however, are materials we have created for our own wants and needs. Our design allows visitors to observe, interact, and reflect.