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  • How can the edge conditions we value redefine Seattle for its post-pandemic era? This pop-up space will act as a conduit for bringing readers both new and existing to ARCADE’s collective dialogue and written work.

    Last year, ARCADE asked festival attendees to set down the Seattle they imagined or dreamt about—what were its salient characteristics? This year, ARCADE has been reviewing a new theme for our next issue, 40.1, “Exceptions.”

    The issue looks at counternarratives—edge conditions—that vie with received ideas about art and design’s process and canons (often of exclusion) and where the spotlight could profitably move; how music notation crimps composers’ styles (and how to free them); how to unpack creative duos so one member’s achievement isn’t effaced; why, post-pandemically, we should reject any normal that’s just the status quo ante; and ARCADE’s many efforts to push for this.

    We’ll use ARCADE’s festival booth to land that dialogue, asking “How can the edge conditions we value redefine Seattle for its post-pandemic era?”. As we did last year, we invite festival attendees to join an art & agit-prop project—a work that they author and we document, which we will then issue to our community as a call to action, a manifesto. Providing tactile materials and past issues of the magazine, prompts and workshop instructions will host an introduction to ARCADE and its’ members while providing a community dialogue amidst the greater Design Festival.

    Team: ARCADE Editorial & Design Committee