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Presented by:

  • Kurt Koegel

  • Examine how you engage with public space and come away with techniques that increase ease and fulfillment as well as greater relationships to the spaces we inhabit in daily life!

    This workshop will offer tools and strategies for increasing awareness of our experience – and our ability to make choices – in designed spaces.

    • How is our felt sense of ourselves affected by design choices in the built environment?
    • How does our experience depend on our choice of position – and in what orientation – we place ourselves?
    • And, how does this symphony of conditions affect our orientation towards connection with others?

    Participants will be guided to try on different positions and orientations within a given place, and to track their changing physical and emotional experience. We will explore the experience of relationship to and with other individuals within this place. There will be many opportunities to discuss experience in the group.

    These experiences will reveal how we are participants in the built environment: that our somatic experience brings the designed world to life, and that we are our own agents of connection and a heightened sense of aliveness! For architects and designers, this workshop aims to activate awareness of how the design of interactive spaces can influence connection, well-being and engagement.

    This experience is open to people with any sort of physical or mental differing abilities. Visually or auditory impaired participants may work with a companion.

    Kurt Koegel has been guiding workshops in dance and somatic exploration for over 30 years. From 1988 – 2012, he lived and worked in Europe and Asia, teaching in festivals, and universities. From 2007-2011 he designed and directed the Masters Program in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy at the University of Performing Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. His work synthesizes influences from the fields of Dance, Architecture, and Urban Design, and in 2018 completed his MArch at UW. He currently works as a designer at Coates Design, and is relentlessly enthusiastic about finding new ways to expand our experiences of connection and personal fulfillment in the built environment.

    Team: Kurt Koegel