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1:30PM - 3:00PM
Seattle Central Library, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle WA 98104
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Xenobia Bailey

  • Funktioning Full Force With Nothing but “Funktional Design” is a Health, Wellbeing and Material Cultural Revival featuring the Industrialization and Commercialization of African American “Funktional” Design that derives from the domestic African-American visual aesthetic of Funk (recycling & sustainable living skills).

    The aesthetic of Funk evolved from the creative, but financially deprived African-American Homemaker, Caregiver and Domestic, after the Emancipation Proclamation of the 1860s in North America.

    Visual artist Xenobia Bailey, currently living in NYC but with roots in Seattle’s Central District, will host an interactive visual forum & discussion on changing perspectives from poverty to sustainable living for healthy/wealthy lifestyles in the African-American community. Bailey conjures Afro-Futurism from the wealthy history of inspiration and creativity in the production of Folk Artifacts and a”Funktional” Material Culture into “Funktional” Design, from African American rural, urban and suburban communities.

    The workshop will explore ideas of a new design community that generate digital cottage craft businesses and employment. We will explore the uses of Live Therapeutical Sound, digital technology and 3D printing, and more to design mental health aids, health and well-being tools and supports, health and well-being services and aid for family caregivers and healthcare professionals – all designed for community needs and economic and social development.  We will designed with and for Seattle’s underemployed, underserviced, and scattered African-American community, for the benefit of the global community’s health and well-being needs.