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  • University of Washington Department of Landscape Architecture

  • Explore how landscape architects use plants to design green, healthy, and inclusive future cities! Imagine what it would be like to be a plant yourself! And create your own radical botanical future landscape!

    What is your relationship to plants and why do they matter? How do trees help cool cities, clean air, and collect rainwater? Can plants communicate with each other or with us? What does the future hold and how can we work with plants help to protect the planet and each other?

    UW Department of Landscape Architecture design students invites you to explore the remarkable role plants play in our lives in this all-ages installation. Learn how landscape architects use plants to design new, healthy, and resilient landscapes for all. Wander through an interactive imagined future forest of sounds, scents, and textures. Join in a scavenger hunt to explore familiar or novel plant communities, real and speculative. Complete your game card and receive a botanical prize! Try on (and selfie!) wearable botanical accessories and become a plant yourself! Share your own stories or ideas for a “radical landscape” (or plant!) of tomorrow. And take home new ideas from emerging designers who share their suggestions and inspirations for small-scale, future-forward, plant-based interventions to green our cities.

    Team: Madeleine Borowski, Zoe Clarke, Lauren Corn, Phu Hnin, Meina Lin, Zachary McBride, Shaojia Fan, Jesse Sleamaker, Josiah Smith, Kathryn Vander Griend, Bing Wan, Julia Wood, Mingwan Zhang, Elizabeth Umbanhowar