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Presented by:

  • LMN Architects

  • Coughlin Porter Lundeen

  • Berger Partnership

  • Design Team: Sierra Morin, Hank Butitta, Tyler Schaffer, Bryant Callahan, Preston Mossing, Johnston Roberts, Patrick Knight, Adam Bichir, Randy Miller, Chris Lim, Scott Crawford, Clenel Williams, Chris Savage, Justin Schwartzhoff, Anh Tran, Katherine Nemetz, Dana Forfylow, Hasti Afkham, Xio Alvarez, Alex Woodhouse, Andrea Marciani, Sean Umeda, Brad McGuirt

    Curious what the Giggle Prism is? Come experience a dynamic, ever changing space that will leave you in awe!

    Giggle Prism is an evocative installation that invites people to not only observe but engage as an essential part of the experience. A series of geometric objects reflects its surroundings, distorting the environment to create a dynamic materiality which demands closer inspection to fully understand. As people are drawn in, they discover themselves projected onto the surface, pulling them deeper into a trio of fragmented objects devoid of any singular comprehension. And for those willing to venture inside, Giggle Prism rewards their curiosity with an explosion of reflections, deconstructing the viewer into a series of endless tessellations while simultaneously projecting them forward and beyond into an otherworldly dimension.