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  • Hello World!

  • Team: Isabella Ceriale, Isabella Gaule, Sophia Johnson, Peyton Todd, Charmaine Yabut

    There’s no denying that the past year and a half has been tough. From losing loved ones to being confined to the company of our own bubbles, individuals worldwide have faced hardships that none of us could have predicted. The University of Washington Medical Center reports that 40% of the population now struggles with feelings of isolation, loneliness, and a disconnection from their community. With Seattle on track to reaching herd immunity, there’s hope that life will soon return to a new normal. While the opening of shops and businesses is exciting, it is essential for us to rebuild a sense of community as we enter a post-COVID world.

    Hello World is an interactive exhibit that provides a space for members of the Seattle community to reconnect with themselves and others as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. The installation is composed of three workstations that invite festival-goers to communicate their personal stories and unique experiences. Attendees are able to and encouraged to interact with each station, which includes a pin-up board where individuals can create letters for themselves or others, a hanging display to jot down tokens of wisdom and advice, and a collaborative chalkboard for visitors to create works of art to be enjoyed by all. Through giving the community a creative space to be thoughtful and reflect, Hello World aims to help rebuild the foundations of a safe, strong, and supportive community. With Hello World being a hands-on exhibit, the safety of festival-goers is our top priority. A sanitation station will be provided for attendees to visit before and after touching any materials, along with hand sanitizer at each workstation. To make sure the installation is accessible to all, a Hello World team member will be at each station to assist visitors with any accommodations they need and to answer any questions they may have. Through using as many repurposed materials as possible, the exhibit is not only designed to have a sustainable impact, but an everlasting one too.

    Thanks to our Sponsors: Seattle Design Festival, Wiwik Johnson, William & Renee Ceriale, Robert Yabut, Marilynn Greenberg, John Snyder, Pamela Wascher, Edith Yabut, Fiona Haverland, Taylor Miles Hopkins, Ryson Yabut, Ronald Yabut, Lorraine Gjerde, Leylani Fombona Osorio, Jena McWhirter, Joseph Fotheringham, Anonymous Donors

    Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors, the Seattle Design Festival was able to fund this partner, to engage youth in the design process, leverage co-design, and improve the community engagement process,  inspiring action with lasting impact.