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Presented by:

  • KT Hancock

  • Kelsey Fernkopf

  • Our HOTHOUSE debuts neon glass as you’ve never seen it before! Come check out our freestanding sculpture featuring house and plant motifs!

    HOTHOUSE is a 6ft tall by 5ft wide by 6ft long neon glass tubing representation of a greenhouse filled with a life-size green neon monstera plant. The HOTHOUSE is made out of white neon tubing and filled with a blue mercury-argon gas mixture. This freestanding sculpture will be viewable in the round and will accommodate up to 15 festival-goers at a time to be within close proximity. During the festival, we will be available to answer any questions and explain the process of creating this sculpture.

    This installation is a physical representation of how plants have the ability to grow based on the space they are provided. As human beings our growth is determined by the space we give ourselves. This space could be an emotional, physical or metaphorical one. It is within our best interest to grow as much as possible and not be confined by our experiences or place.

    Team: KT Hancock & Kelsey Fernkopf