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  • August 15-23
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Presented by:

  • MG2

  • Visit the How Do We Want To Live?¬†website at any time during the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Abbie Drake, Candon Murphy, Willie Mak, Ellen Dulweber, Ryan Lascano, Isabella Noet, Casey Hopkins, Kim Drake, Michelle Northfield, Cori Concepcion

    In 2017, MG2 brought the ‘How Do You Want To Live?’ experience to Design in Public, where we collected data from the community about their personal preferences. With the drastic social and economic changes happening in 2020, we want to revisit this topic on a community level. Instead of exploring the individual, we want to explore how we as collective society want to move forward.

    This will be a two-part experience, the first being a survey for visitors to engage with and provide us with honest data. This survey will ask deep and thoughtful questions about community, safety, sustainability and diversity. The second part of this experience is a data mural to reflect the thoughts and preferences of our current society. It will translate a portion of the survey results into an abstract composition of data patterns.

    Once the survey is complete, we will gather the data and reflect on our changing needs through expanded versions of the data mural. Because of the swift pivot that has forever changed the way we live, we hope to gain insight into how people are moving forward with their lives and within their communities.

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    The interactive survey experience will follow WCAG color guidelines and work in screen reader capabilities when possible.