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  • Hylomorphism: the doctrine that physical objects result from the combination of matter and form.

    Balance is a state that objects achieve in relationship to one another. Hylomorphism, in philosophy and physics, posits a simple equation: matter + form = objects. These objects have the potential to interact with the objects around them in an infinite combination of ways; some objects will exert their energy on other objects, which in turn break down into formless matter again and take on new forms. This form of balance is cyclical. It has flow. The deconstruction and recapitulation of matter and form has its own equilibrium through the time where we experience it.

    The objective of the Hylomorph is to create an experience in which we consider the matter that is always around us, namely atmosphere and potential energy, and to give them form. The form, elegant in its simplicity, is a box. Inside the box, atmosphere is given the form of hundreds of transparent, air-filled, spheres. Those the spheres appear to fill the box, which itself appears to be a rigid structure. However, the walls of the box are malleable, and the space between the spheres offers a limited range of displacement.

    Interaction with the Hylomorph is unscripted. Every wall offers an opportunity to enter or exit. As participants enter the Hylomorph, it will adapt and shift to accommodate. This process will break down the apparently clean and rigid exterior of the box as spheres and participants move about in the space. Inside, participants will come and interact with the atmosphere and potential energy that is always around them, offering an alternate perspective and amplification of our own place in the balance of objects, environments, and the impacts of our bodies on our immediate surroundings. From the outside, onlookers will observe the organic adaptation of the energy and space that is forced to balance the interactions of participants inside the Hylomorph. The geometry of the object is altered, unmade, and reformed as groups enter and exit the installation.