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  • August 15 - 23, 2020
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Weber Thompson

  • Visit Reimagine in Color website at any time during the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Weber Thompson – Erin Hatch, Brittany Porter, Tom Geeslin, Cody Lodi, Aaron Swain, Allison Rose, Carrie Hinshaw, Emily Evenson, Johanna Lirman, John Hornibrook, Leslie Riibe, Mark Dorsey, Stephanie Farrell

    Reimagine in Color is a digital art project with a purpose of amplifying youth voices through providing a creative forum to share blackout poetry and inspired artwork. Collected online through and social media with the #reimagineincolor hashtag, the final collection of entries will be displayed in a digital gallery.

    This collection of illustrated poems showcases and celebrates the power of youth perspectives. Blackout poetry is a form of appropriation art which allows the reader to rewrite the story. Through the simple combination of printed words and marking tools, the reader becomes the author with the power to take control of the message.

    It’s about time that we listen to those who have gone unheard. We must search for the truth and reveal what is beneath the surface messaging. We must become more educated about our differences, so that we can be more inclusive about our policies. We hope to inspire creative thinking. We encourage our youth to take action by changing up the message and adding their colorful voices to the conversation. Our youth are the future, and they believe in change. Will we listen to what they have to say?


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