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  • Code Unlimited LLC

  • Tour will depart from the south side of S Edmunds Street and 36th Ave S at 5 pm.

    How can we come together as a community to ensure people of all abilities are able to connect and enjoy our designs? Join us in learning how different individuals may experience the environment and use your takeaways to inform your designs.


    Our team of accessibility and universal design consultants will provide guided tours through portions of the city n a one-on-one basis or in small groups to develop participants’ awareness of a variety of users’ experiences in navigating the built environment. Participants will be led through areas of the urban landscape with blindfolds and walking canes or seated in a wheelchair. Our consultants will provide the equipment and guidance as the participants contend with the challenges of their journeys.

    When building connections, it is important to consider all members of a community. In design, there can be barriers to people of varying abilities that disrupt or prevent them from connecting with their physical and social environments, ultimately affecting their human rights to develop and tap into emotional connections. These tours will teach participants how sometimes minor details can make such a major difference to other members of their community.

    Team: Mike Shaw, Joshua Klyber, Josh Richards