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Presented by:

  • HOK

  • Hoffman Construction Company

  • ARUP

  • Valley Electric

  • Design Team: Aaron Willette, Amber Shi, Ben Larson, Biwen Sun, Brian Markham, Denis Blount, Edward Gibbons, Erik Heironimus, Gayle Bart, Gordon Yuen, Jacky Wong, Joonhyuk Yun, Loren Supp, Marjorie Chang Fuller, Parker Meade, Philip Bergsieker

    Enter a mesmerizing world where mirrored surfaces and interactive elements create an immersive environment. Explore, interact, and uncover new dimensions of curiosity.

    Engaging multiple senses, this captivating installation transcends visual splendor, encompassing auditory, and tactile elements that enrich the overall experience.

    Inside-o-scope is an immersive art installation that sparks social curiosity through joyful exploration. Within this mesmerizing experience, viewers embark on a captivating journey where mirrored surfaces alter their perception of the environment, unveiling new dimensions of wonder. The interplay of light, reflection, and interactive elements creates an atmosphere that nurtures joy and fosters connections.

    We invite viewers to embrace the thrill of exploration, igniting social curiosity and a collective sense of wonder. Through the interactive nature of the installation, participants of all abilities engage with varying sounds and reflective surfaces, revealing hidden dimensions in the world around. This shared exploration nurtures a collective sense of curiosity and discovery that transcends any physical limitations.