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  • August 15- December 6, 2020
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Presented by:

  • Seattle Architecture Foundation

  • Traditionally, Architecture is presented as a finished product, exact in its completion. However, each project is a body of work with a life of its own, changing over time and affecting the surrounding context in unexpected ways. “Finished” architectural projects are only the final outcome of a long process of design studies, client requests, city reviews, and public comment- and even this “final” product is only a snapshot in time, reflecting the moment when a design process gives way to urban evolution.

    The Seattle Architecture Foundation 23rd Annual Model exhibit, Iterations, celebrates the germination of a design idea and how it’s nurtured over time through the exploration of writing, drawing, modeling, and material studies. These studies serve a myriad of functions, whether they depict the architectural elements employed, represent the building in its site, or serve to test a custom detail or connection.

    Iterations examines the dynamics of the design process, demonstrates the path to a final concept, and illustrates the influence a completed project has on the continuing evolution of the built environment. Iterations can be explored through the website or in-person. For more details, please visit:



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    *Note: Reservations to view the exhibition in person are limited to 4 people at a time. However, this exhibit was also designed to be viewed from the sidewalk!

    To access the online component people will need access to wifi and smartphone/computer. For ticketed viewing, visitors are required to wear masks and only visit during their time slot. The exhibit is being designed to be wheelchair accessible. It will not be accessible to the blind, however.