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  • August 15 - 23, 2020
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Presented by:

  • AIA Seattle Housing Task Force

  • Visit the It’s About Time We House Everyone website at any time during the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Third Place Design Cooperative, Sheri Newbold, Bruce Parker

    AIA Seattle works to shape policies that rethink the city’s majority single-family zoned areas which have historically restricted access for communities of color, renters, low-income residents, and others. To achieve a more equitable city for all, one focused on connecting housing to jobs and transit, the city must find ways to provide infill housing options in these zones and more housing options of all types and sizes across the city.

    Join AIA’s Housing Task Force for an interactive exploration of missing middle housing (and more) in Seattle or your city. Check out our examples and add your own housing finds. Join the conversation as we strive for a more equitable, livable, and sustainable city for all. It’s about time we house everyone!

    This challenge asks you to head outside (please wear a mask!) to capture photos of ADUs/DADUs, ‘plexes, courtyard apartments, cottage clusters, townhouses/rowhouses and live/work spaces in neighborhoods across your city – see examples on the program website below. Or, get creative and imagine your own missing middle housing possibilities. Take photos and send them in. We’ll map your finds and credit your photos. Prizes for the most finds, the most difficult to find, and the most creative finds will be awarded.

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    Larger font hard copy materials can be provided upon request.