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10:00AM - 5:00PM
Occidental Park, 149 S Main St, Seattle WA 98104
This event is free
Family Focus

Presented by:" target="_blank">KineticCreations

Often times, we can feel like passive players in our world; temporary observers in an environment designed despite us. Appropriations of space or voice are looked at as something to be silenced, and responsive environments left highly controlled. But what if we challenged the norm and let users be fully in control? This installation empowers people to take spatial formation into their own hands to create micro atmospheres where they can unleash their inner expression onto the city then pass along this environment to the next visitor, incrementally altering the original space to one that is fully of the people, and by the people; rather than designed with people as a backdrop.
Within a series of accordion-style niches, visitors are invited to climb inside and freely express themselves however they see fit, both artistically and spatially. Manipulate each enclosure with your own range of motion (kinesphere) to create the perfect temporary hideaway for your expression, and be witness, both as participant and observer, to the impact your actions have to the character of the space. With each person’s contribution, this installation will evolve by the actions we take and change we bring into a living embodiment of the empowered human spirit. Let’s free ourselves from walls we cannot draw on and spaces we cannot make our own. Come join in and see the beauty in design that reflects the lives it encompasses.