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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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  • BCRA

  • BCRA’s installation balances order and chaos. In recent years, our society has been inundated by an array of technologies that seemingly expediate our lives. Many find themselves struggling with the accelerated pace, fighting to maintain order in a whirl of activity. BCRA invites visitors to consider the idea that humans cannot and should not control every detail of their lives. There is beauty in whimsy and great potential in the unknow, this installation is an opportunity to reflect upon how life may be improved by releasing control. Whether it be a family disagreement, previous relationship, a particular fear, pressure at work, or the desire to posses the latest gadgetry, we invite you to share a stressor that you plan to release by writing it on the glass walls of the installation. Then join us in a demonstration of creating beauty from chaos, by contributing to the community mural inside the installation. Dip one of the tennis balls in a paint bucket, pull back the bungee, and release! The result of this activity is; unpredictable and uncontrolled. The splendor of the installation is the stark contrast between the erratic mural and the rigid, orderly frame that encloses it. Much like this installation, our lives can achieve balance by giving up the idea of ordinary matters. Who knows what you will discover when you let go of order and embrace the beauty of chaos?