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  • August 15-23
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Presented by:

  • Mahlum Architects

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    Team: Sunny Zhang, Stacey Crumbaker, Claudia Saunders, Anne Schopf, Violette Yang

    Each of us comes to our community bringing with us the stories that have made us who we are. People come together through their work, organizations, and initiatives, but what really brings our hearts together emotionally are the personal memories we share. It is About Time to truly hear from our communities, to listen deeply, and amplify individual stories reflecting today’s shared experiences.

    We all inhabit a physical position in our community and are nodes within a complex network. This communal web is constantly in flux, pushing and pulling with the pressure of everyday life and our own individual influences. When we pause to listen to the story of our community, would you find a moment that moves your heart?

    The act of stepping out of one’s home, to share a personal story with another, brings our hearts closer together. It is time to recognize and share our differences in culture, race, religion, political viewpoints, and it is time to remind ourselves what we share as human beings.

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    The experience will include both visual and audio as an integral part of the program.