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Presented by:

  • Natalie Hodson

  • Atulya Chaganty

  • Team: Natalie Hodson and Atulya Chaganty

    The world changed 514 days ago when Washington state went into lockdown. We entered the unknown, oscillating between “normal” reality and dystopia that at times merged into one experience of existence. Some hunkered down at home, others could not. Some lost jobs, others faced endless days and with danger threatening every breath. Every day exhaustion lingered. The sense of time was distorted for so long, clocks carried little more than anxiety, calendars became unnecessary, and for one moment we connected globally in this harrowing monoculture. So much remains different – unequal, sharply painful – but internationally, threads emerged. People with the privilege to turn inward did so to a greater, more basic, connected human experience. Now after 514 days of fear, loneliness, ambiguity…

    Now, we emerge.

    Monophases is an experiential exhibition of the cultural moments of collaboration that came out in and of time solitude.

    You will travel through interactive spaces structured through a series of doors that represent the phases of time over the past 514 days. Passing through the first door, you enter the start of this exploration, and as you travel through each door, entering each different room, there are a variety of images, collages, interactive details, artifacts, and sensory interjections that capture how our understanding of the world has changed. You will witness the hidden hope, practices of creativity, and the dawn of new communities. When you finally emerge through the last door, you enter the present future…full of possibilities.

    Monophases sheds light on what it means to survive, co-create, connect, and collaborate when being physically distant. It is a celebration of the metamorphosis of creation over the past 514 days and the emergence into a new hybrid creative practice.

    Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and donors, the Seattle Design Festival was able to fund this partner, to engage youth in the design process, leverage co-design, and improve the community engagement process, inspiring action with lasting impact.