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11:00AM - 5:00PM
Mt Baker Light Rail Station, 2931 Rainier Ave S, Seattle WA
This event is free
Family Focus

Presented by:" target="_blank">Mount Baker Hub Business Association

Celebrate the ongoing transformation of the Mount Baker Town Center with local music, food, and festivities in and around the Sound Transit Link Station and ArtSpace Plaza. The festival will highlight and celebrate the ongoing transformation of this complex station area into a vibrant livable community. The City’s Accessible Mount Baker project is moving forward with an innovative redesign of the entire transportation network, connecting neighboring communities through a restored Olmsted Boulevard system.

Celebrate this re-connection with the second annual Extended Bicycle Sunday event, biking from the shores of Lake Washington through the Mount Baker transit hub, and up Cheasty Boulevard to Beacon Hill! How can the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan’s compelling vision of an equitable, sustainable and vibrant urban village be achieved? Visitors will be able to consider the possibilities, including a new neighborhood park project combining County and City resources to bridge SE Seattle’s worst open space gap.

Mount Baker Hub Business Association, sponsored by SouthEast Effective Development; Friends of Mount Baker Town Center, sponsored by Seattle Parks Foundation. Stakeholders include: Aubrey Batchelor, Compadre Coffee owner and formerly with UW Sustainability Program; David Yeaworth, Catalyst consulting and former aide to Sally Clark; Talis Abolins, local attorney and former President and Economic Development director of a Puget Sound Main Street Association; Anne Miller, environmental advocate and community organizer; and others!