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  • Weber Thompson

  • Murmur is an installation that explores the concept of BALANCE not as a static condition but as a dynamic and evolutionary process that is influenced by both individual and collective behavior.
    The murmuration or flocking patterns of the starling create seemingly balanced and choreographed dances in the sky, however each individual bird is operating autonomously under a few basic parameters, reacting to the position of the nearest six or seven individuals. There is no central control to the flock but their movements are holistic and cohesive. Small perturbations at the edges of the system can manifest extremely complex and beautiful patterns that alter the flock’s state of equilibrium. These systems demonstrate that relatively small changes to individual behaviors can create massive changes in the output or product.
    Man-made and natural systems are constantly evolving and extraordinarily complex mechanisms that ebb and flow in and out of relative states of equilibrium, continually balancing multiple forces and variables. The water cycle of a river delta is an example of one of these multi-faceted systems, changing constantly due to gravity, flow, friction, climate and other forces. The system as a whole seeks balance between the various forces at play, and as a result its current state is always changing.
    Given Murmur’s proximity to South Lake Union and the increasing importance of balancing man-made and natural systems, our Block Party installation will draw inspiration from the dynamic influences driving these complex systems. The installation aims to inspire and intrigue patrons, promoting exploration into the meaning of dynamic balance, and the impacts that relatively small changes can have on the greater whole.