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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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Presented by:

  • Treem Team

  • The Navigating Perspectives installation explores what it means to forge your own path and create a balance with the world around you. At first glance, the piece provides a sense of freedom to explore negative and positive space without much regard for others. Each tree has branches that can be manipulated on a swivel, creating a unique experience as participants traverse the grove. However, individual actions create a larger transformation of the forest composition, forcing participants to utilize their senses and have a more conscious thought process as their change affects the others around them.
    The trees, made from recycled mailing cardboard tubes, are placed specifically to create a visual and physical balance. The trees’ spacing allows a sense of intimacy and closeness, distracting participants from outside influence, giving focus only to direct interactions within a participant’s path. It is only when one is outside of the forest, do the individual paths noticeably impact the forest’s greater composition. This impact is highlighted by a secret message written within the trees, that only becomes noticeable when the overall composition is in balance and aligned correctly.
    We hope this installation creates a moment of contemplation regarding the balance of individual action and the effect it has on a community. Whether participants blaze ahead without considering consequences or are faced with a fear of changing too much, it is within that moment of pause, one can find the ability to balance their desires with their community impact.