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  • University of Washington Department of Architecture

  • What’ll Seattle’s residential neighborhoods look like in thirty years? Explore visions for new & reimagined housing types proposed by UW students.

    Explore student work, data points, and key takaways from a UW graduate architecture research design studio focused on re-establishing a diversity of housing types in Seattle’s Neighborhood Residential (formerly single-family) zones inspired by and designed to inform the Seattle’s major update to its comprehensive plan to be completed in 2024. Learn about the process and importance of the comprehensive plan major update, the need for a greater quantity and variety of housing types in all of Seattle’s neighborhoods, and the process of evaluating change through the combined lenses of challenges, opportunities, and trade-offs.

    New student-designed housing typologies in five Seattle neighborhoods – Delridge, Hillman City/Seward Park, Loyal Heights, Madison Park, and Wedgwood – will be displayed. The designs, together with graphically illustrated analysis, will describe the tradeoffs we face in addressing housing affordability and climate change while striving to preserve existing housing stock, tree canopy, and open space, enhancing mobility and building community. Explore the power of design in navigating these tradeoffs as a city of connected neighborhoods and neighbors.

    Want to learn more? Join this team for a panel discussion as part of the Downtown Community Spotlight on August 25!

    Team: Nastea Ciorici, Azita Footohi, Alina Garrity, Haodong Gong, Raymond Gonzales, Matt Hutchins, Carrie Kamakaala, Michelle Loyola, Rick Mohler, Kennedy Nicoara, Addison Peabody, Matthew Simmons, Jian Sun, Lara Tedrow, Logan White, Jacob Woll, Miggi Wu