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10:00AM - 7:00PM
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  • Site Workshop

  • Throughout history, people have created gardens as idealized versions of nature. Gardens reflect how we perceive nature and our cultural relationship to it. From wild to highly manicured, private gardens to expansive arboretums and public parks—we craft landscapes to insert an interpretation of nature into the built environment. What drives our need to create these environments?

    As landscape architects, we facilitate encounters with nature help to bring balance to the urban context. Both built forms and landscapes are integral parts of thriving cities that weave together the dichotomy of high energy spaces and places to pause and reflect. The installation highlights the contrasts that achieve this balance. A container serves to amplify the difference between the inside and out: from the outside, visitors approach a bright pink structure, open to the sky, with two small doors on opposite sides. The container flashes super loud colors—bright and possibly overwhelming.

    On entering the volume, a visitor might expect an indoor environment; instead, passing through the threshold reveals a verdant room filled with plants, trees, soil and a place to sit. The installation is built around an existing tree to take advantage of the site and heighten the effect of the vegetation. Inside the box, the installation captures the sense of nature through reflecting the plants and sky and provides a quiet respite that draws our attention towards the smell of earth, the rustling of leaves—providing small moments of