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  • August 1-23
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Partners in Print, School of Visual Concepts

  • Submit your message of hope, social justice, community, or resilience to be letterpress printed by SVC Seattle’s Partners in Print by Saturday, August 15, and experience submissions virtually and in-person throughout the Seattle Design Festival!

    Team: Printers from SVC Seattle including Jenny Wilkson, Amy Redmond, Kristen Ramirez, Annabelle Larner, Bonnie Thompson Norman, and Marie Kuch-Stanovsky

    We’re fortunate to live in a time when our digital tools let us carry a video production studio in our pockets, share our ideas across the world in an instant, and (for better or worse) do our work without going into an office. But there is definitely something missing when we express our thoughts in pixels rather than on paper. The permanence and physical reality of words in ink on paper give them an authority you can’t achieve any other way short of chiseling them into marble.

    And so, Partners in Print—letterpress artists from SVC Seattle—plan to honor the power of the printed word by soliciting your words of hope, encouragement, and resilience and bringing them to life in our home studios. Our tools will be antique wood type and vintage Vandercook printing presses.

    Realizing that analog isn’t the answer to everything, the entire process will be edited into a highlights video to document and preserve the event. After the festival, the posters will find a new life on display at venues around the city.

    Letterpress printing takes time, craft, and intention. As we think about time during this year’s Seattle Design Festival, this event will vividly demonstrate how going slowly may just be the fastest way to share some moving and meaningful ideas.

    Text submissions are closed. CLICK HERE to see a video of your posters being printed.